Gard Series - Automatic Road Barriers

Barriers are available from 2.5m up to 12m openings for private or public car-parks in residential areas or in zones of high passage intensity, using a 24v total safety system.

Installed with a complete range of assembly accessories such as various section bars, lamps, racks, fixed support and safety devices.

Designed to be installed both to the right and left of the passageway.

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Automatic Rising Bollards

Conceived to ensure security of strategic access, high security bollards are the answer to the most demanding requirements.

Unbeatable in terms of access control and impact resistance against ram-vehicles. Bollards are so solid and reliable that the access will remain closed even when someone tries to force their way through.

The Automatic Rising Bollard sinks into the ground in less than 3 seconds (adjustable), clearing the way for traffic and rising back once the vehicle has passed through. Control is by means of a remote device (remote control, chip card, digital keypad etc.)

This system is very easy to use and its applications are varied. Removable, lockable posts and bollards are also available

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