Automated Gates

Reliable Automatic Opening for New & Existing Gates

How do our gate automation systems work?

To turn a manual gate into an automatic gate, an electric 'operator' is attached. This is a motorised or pneumatic device that allows buttons, remote controls or vehicle detectors to activate movement of the gate.

Safety devices control the operation of the system at all times. Any vehicles or pedestrians detected within the swing area of a gate will signal the operator mechanism to stop and re-open/close the gate.

What if there's a power cut?

In the event of a power failure, a gate can simply be unlocked with a set of keys provided, then manually operated to allow access.

The 24V systems also offer a battery back-up, allowing gates to continue operation uninterrupted during a power failure. For full peace of mind, our Solar Powered Gate Openers are a great option.

You can find brief descriptions and pictures of some of the equipment we install below. Alternatively, visit the main CAME BPT website or view the PDF brochures for the relevant Operator.

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Sliding Gate Operators

If you have limited space in an entrance, an electric sliding gate is the ideal solution, taking up very little room.

The gate moves horizontally on a geared runner, travelling parallel to an adjacent wall and maximising usable space in your premises.

With high levels of efficiency and safety provided by the control boards, the Ares series sliding gate operators are popular with many of our customers.

Many models are also offered in 24V versions, to be used for intense work loads and solar systems.

PDF Brochure – Ares

Expert Automated Gates in BedfordshireSolar Gate Automation Systems

We are pleased to be one of the first UK companies to offer reliable solar powered automation systems.

These are ideal for areas where a mains supply is not available, allowing security to be fitted to even the most remote locations.

Each gate is rated to operate on the shortest day of the year. This takes into account the latitude of the site, the number of operations per day and the access control accessories required for the gate.

These systems are suitable for gates or barriers opening up to 500 times per day. Systems with heavier use can combine solar and wind power to harness multiple forms of green energy. With our systems, we protect and secure ANY property.

Professional Automated Gates in BedfordshireGarage Door Openers

This ‘traction’ type garage automation system is powerful yet versatile. It perfectly adapts to the majority of modern garage doors.

The Came Ver series openers come complete with a courtesy light and perfectly integrate with your existing door.

As electrical appliances go, it is powerful yet simple to use and can be installed with minimum disruption.

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CAME Gold Partners

Residential Gate RepairsWith over 20 years' experience we are proud to be qualified as one of the first companies in the UK credited with Gold Partner Approved Installer Status. This ensures we are officially registered for the installation and periodic maintenance of all CAME BPT gate automation equipment and safety control accessories.

The Approved Gold Installer network is controlled and administered by CAME BPT UK, sister company to CAME Spa, Treviso, Italy. CAME BPT UK provides assurance of quality installations and customer service through the Approved Installer Network.

All installations meet the current European Safety Standards and Building Regulations under the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.